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Get Involved! Community Service with the PCNC

Hello to Tiger alums and members of the Princeton Club of Northern California -- we are excited to welcome you to the fun and fulfilling world of community service!

PCNC Members help prepare and serve lunch at St. Anthony's Dining Room, one of the largest community meal programs in the Bay Area.

Our Mission Statement
Provide opportunities for Princeton Alumni to come together, get involved, and serve the San Francisco Bay Area communities in a variety of group volunteer events.

How to participate
There are several ways to be active and participate with the Community Service team. You can join us for our existing events, listed on the Community Service Events page (as well as on the main Events page), or you can volunteer to create your own event and partner with PCNC to lead a new effort. Please contact Community Service Chair David P. Willard '06 (service@pcnc.org) for additional information.

We also have a partnership with Save the Bay. If you would like to be more active with this wonderful organization, please reach out to Catherine Baker (ccb [at] stanford.edu), who has generously stepped up to lead this partnership.

Why we care about our Bay Area community and the world at large
No act of helping is too small, and we welcome anyone from within the PCNC community and beyond to participate in our events. Each individual's contribution does make a difference, and you should feel sure about that. The main thing is that you find a positive and comfortable way to represent 'Princeton in the Nation's Service, and Princeton in the service of all Nations' – Harold T. Shapiro

Ongoing participation
While the focus and mission of the PCNC Community Service events are limited to only one day, there are many ways that Princeton Alumni can get involved in more sustaining ways. Please visit our links page for more information and mission statements from some fantastic programs: http://www.pcnc.org/article.html?aid=125

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