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Alumni Schools Committee

The Alumni Schools Committee offers interviews to every prospective candidate from Northern California for admission to Princeton and assists qualified applicants in the admission process.  If you are an alumnus and are interested in helping Princeton with its interviewing, please contact one of our Regional Chairs.  We are in need of interviewers, and would appreciate your help.

Bill Doyle '81 oversees the San Francisco Bay Area region overall, including north to Oregon and east to Nevada. Contact him with any questions regarding PU Interviewing, college fairs or general PU outreach -- wbdoyle@dslextreme.com. Within and nearby that area, there are Chairs who are responsible for assigning interviewers for specific regions. Please contact the person responsible for coordinating interviews in your area.

More information about interviewing can be found by visiting the ASC Interview website.  Once you login, you will have access to the following documents:

  • Guidelines for ASC Interviewing
  • Presentations About Princeton
  • ASC Interview Report Form
  • ASC Site Guide For Interviewers
  • California Chairs Email List

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