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How to Get Involved

The Princeton Club of Northern California's mission focuses on forming and strengthening the Princeton Community in the Bay Area.  We would love new volunteers to become involved and help us with this effort.  There are different ways to become involved, depending upon one's interests:

  • Organize an event. 
    This simply involves picking an activity that one feels the general community might be interested in, setting up the details, and letting people know about it per our website.  Our VP of Events, Dan Sullivan, can support one's efforts by helping with ideas on how to set up an event that will attract our members, as well as advising on how to set up the logistics. 
  • Help us organize one of our bigger events. 
    We have 1-2 big events a year typically - the Annual Dinner in the spring and other events depending on the year.  We are looking for people to spearhead the organizing of each of these events, as well as being on the committees to support these events. 
  • Assist some of the officers in their activities, particularly in our Events and Communications areas. 
    There is a lot going on in these areas, and the Vice Presidents that are responsible for them could use some help.  The specific tasks could include helping to coordinate events in different areas, communicating events with other alumni organizations, putting together our email newsletters, writing articles for our paper newsletter or website, or thanking members for large donations. 
  • Join the Executive Committee in a Vice President position. 
    These opportunities shift depending upon the status of the Committee, and are generally a two year commitment, that one can expect will take between 0 and 4 hours a week.  Currently, we are looking for someone to help us to start local Princeton communities in locations that are far from the Bay Area, but have a sizable alumni population, like Sacramento.  This would involve finding organizers in the locations and helping them to get some activities going.

If interested in any of the above mentioned items, please contact the Princeton Club of Northern California Co-Presidents, Stephanie Bachas-Daunert '10 and Dan Holligan '04, at president@pcnc.org. If you are interested in interviewing high school applicants please look for your ASC contact here: Interview Areas

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