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Relax with a cocktail at this world-famous tiki bar

The Tonga Room will host the Tigers on Thursday July 7th - come enjoy a Mai Tai or other tropical delight at this legendary tiki bar.

Beer and wine are also served. The bar's large indoor lagoon sets an enchanting South Pacific mood that will make us wonder: how far away is Princeton NJ? The Tonga Room is in the Fairmont Hotel on Nob Hill, most easily accessed through the entrance on California street -- you'll see the Tonga Room sign.  Look for Ben DeLoache '07 and Eliot Kent-Uritam '98 who should be wearing some sort of orange and black.

Time & Date: 7-9pm Thursday July 7
Location: The Tonga Room, 950 Mason Street (on California between Mason and Powell)
Prices: Beer approx $6, Cocktails $12, free apps provided by PCNC


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