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Ed Labowitz ' 70, and his 60's style folk group, The Folk Collection performing in Berkeley!

The Folk Collection will perform in Berkeley at The Freight & Salvage Coffee House on June 16.




When Ed Labowitz and Mike Sirota were students at Cal in the early 70’s, they spent many nights jamming at Sproul Plaza. The two friends soaked up the spirit and sounds of change happening at that time in Berkeley, often watching others perform at the historic Freight & Salvage Coffee House. Today, the unmistakable harmonies of The Folk Collection continue to bring families together in a celebration of merriment and memories, as the Folk Collection returns on Saturday, June 16, to the Freight & Salvage, following their successful performance there last August.

The Folk Collection embodies the timeless art of the three-part harmony; Labowitz is a big-time Los Angeles entertainment lawyer, Sirota is a cantor at two synagogues in Southern California, and Tony Unger is a senior Baptist pastor in Palmdale, California. Truly tying their group to the early days of the folk era, Unger and Labowitz first met and sang together at the folk song club of Hollywood High School in the mid 60’s. Just like the folk songs that they continue to perform up and down the West Coast, the magic lies within these seemingly disparate elements coming together as one, creating the unforgettable music that continues to shape our lives

The Folk Collection impresses audiences of all ages, with set lists full of beloved songs like “This Land is Your Land,” “Blowin’ in the Wind,” “Greenback Dollar,” and “City of New Orleans.” Bob Baker, executive director of Freight & Salvage Coffee House says, “The Folk Collection is a testament to the enduring quality of this upbeat and universal music, and the best way to enjoy it is to sing and clap right along with them. If you’re looking for something special to do with your dad on Father’s Day, this is it!”

“We grew up loving this sort of music, and we’ve been thrilled by the amazing response to our shows from people of all walks of life who really get a kick out of joining in with the words and harmonies. The show is all about folk music and good clean jokes,” says Labowitz. Adds Sirota, “The Folk Collection provides one of those all-too-rare opportunities for family friendly fun. We get a real kick out of watching teenagers reluctantly coming to our gigs as a favor to a their mom and dad, and then watching them walk out of there smiling and humming the tunes that we all love so much. No matter how different we may be, this timeless music never fails to bring us together.”

For more information about The Folk Collection, check out www.thefolkcollection.com

The Folk Collection

Saturday, August 16 at 8pm

Freight and Salvage

Berkeley, CA

2020 Addison Street, Berkeley, CA 94704

(510) 644-2020 / info@freightandsalvage.org
Tickets $20.50 in advance
www.freightandsalvage.org/ticket-information and $22.50 at the door. Kids 21 and under ½ price, with and seniors and Freight members receiving a $1 discount.  .

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