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China and the World Economy : A View from Singapore

Join David Caploe, Princeton MA / PhD, Harvard Honors AB, as he analyzes the general situation in China, and specifically China's complex and multi-faceted relationship with Singapore, not least because of Singapore's 70% native Chinese population.

 David Caploe has recently returned to San Francisco from 4 years in Singapore.

While there, he wrote Op-Ed pieces about the global financial collapse for the
Straits Times of Singapore, and Daily Yomiuri of Tokyo, as well as one of two letters published re the NYTimes Magazine profile of Nouriel Roubini just before the September 2008 meltdown.

In addition, he regularly addressed groups such as the
Nanyang Technological University -- Singapore's #2 -- Conrad Alvin Lim's Stock Trading Seminar, and the Malay Muslim Chamber of Commerce in Singapore, as well as the Asia Business Forum in Kuala Lumpur.

He was also
Chief Political Economist and Editor in Chief of a global political economy website headquartered in Singapore, has been a Contributor to Business Insider, and frequently moderated discussions on Emerging Markets for CXO corporate groups, including chairing, in succession, the China and India panels at the CFO Asia Show 2011, with the CFOs of Olgivy Mather in Beijing, Carl Zeiss in Shanghai, a Tata Group luxury items house in Chennai, and American Express India in Delhi.

Currently, he is a candidate for the Green Party nomination for President in the 2012 election, and
Founder of the GP's most active FaceBook page, the Global Issues group.

David will analyze
the situation in China in general -- in both good and bad aspects -- as well as how China looks specifically from Singapore, the two countries having a complex and multi-faceted relationship, not least because of Singapore's 70% native Chinese population.

Basically, David's view is
China is doing one major thing that -- at least so far -- has kept its economy bustling along, unlike the US / EU / Japan -- with only inflation and, believe it or not, ELECTRICITY as the most important current stumbling blocks the leadership must resolve to keep things going.

Thursday, November 10th from 6 PM to 7:30 PM

Law offices of Duane Morris LLP at One Market Plaza, Spear Tower, Suite 2200 (Near the Embarcadero BART station)

Please RSVP to David Marshak '66


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