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Getting to Know American Muslims and Their Faith

Join Islamic Networks Group (ING) Founder and CEO Maha Elgenaidi for a timely discussion on the lives of American Muslims.

Who are American Muslims and how does their faith inform their lives? This presentation provides some answers to these questions.

Starting with a discussion of the diversity of the Muslim community around the world and of the demographics, history, and current life of Muslims in the U.S., it explains the basic traditions and spiritual practices shared by Muslims and addresses common stereotypes about Muslims, particularly those around extremism and the status of women.

Finally, it discusses how Muslims relate to people of other faiths, pointing out the support in Islam’s foundational texts for the affirmation of religious pluralism and the many commonalities Islam shares with other religions, especially its Abrahamic siblings, Judaism and Christianity.

ING founder and CEO Maha Elgenaidi will also talk about the work her organization does to combat Islamophobia and to build interreligious and intercultural harmony and peace. 

David Marshak ’66 is a Jewish interfaith speaker with ING and will be at the talk.

You can bring your own lunch. 

Wednesday, July 27
12pm – 1:30pm    

Rimon, PC Law Firm offices at Suite 400, One Embarcadero Center    


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Information about ING: https://ing.org/

An article by Maha Elgenaidi, ING CEO, who will be the presenter:


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