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Executive Committee

The Princeton Club of Northern California is supported by an Executive Committee, and a group of dedicated volunteers who organize our events.

Presidents Dan Holligan '04 and Michelle Moon '99 president [at] pcnc.org

Treasurer Charlie Wood '00 treasurer [at] pcnc.org

Vice President, Membership Michael Kratsios '08 mkratsios [at] gmail.com

Vice President, e-Communications Nicola Ginzler '85 nginzler [at] gmail.com

Vice President, Paper Communications Elizabeth Cobb '99 lizcobb [at] alumni.princeton.edu

Vice President, Events: Position Open! Join us! 

Events- Happy Hour Crew:

SF: Megan Martin Strickland '07 martin.megs [at] gmail.com

        Peninsula: Stephanie Bachas-Daunert '10 sbachas [at] stanford.edu

Vice President, Community Service: Abby Poats '09 apoats [at] gmail.com

PCNC Entrepreneurship Series: Joelle Rauh '02 joelle.rauh [at] gmail.com and Michelle Gannon G'97 michelle [at] thelanguageplayground.com

Vice President, Technology David Strozzi '99 webmaster [at] pcnc.org

Vice President, Princeton Affiliates Bing Shen '71 bingshen2005 [at] yahoo.com

If you are interested in interviewing high school applicants please look for your ASC contact here: Interview Areas 

Executive Committee Meetings

The Executive Committee meets quarterly in person.  These meetings are open to anyone that would like to join.

Below are the notes from recent meetings:

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