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PCNC is supported by our Executive Committee, and a group of dedicated volunteers who help organize our events.

Presidents Michelle Moon '99 and Dan Holligan '04  president@pcnc.org

Treasurer Ann Lee Steinberg '07  treasurer@pcnc.org

VP, Membership Vivian DeWoskin '11  membership@pcnc.org

VP, Technology David Strozzi '99  webmaster@pcnc.org

VP, e-Communications Nicola Ginzler '85  nginzler@gmail.com

VP, Print Communications Elizabeth Cobb '99  lizcobb@alumni.princeton.edu

VP, Events for the Peninsula Stephanie Bachas-Daunert '10  sbachas@stanford.edu

Chairs, PCNC Entrepreneurship Kathryn (Welch) Karacozoff '09  katbwelch@gmail.com and Joel Karacozoff '10  joel.karacozoff@gmail.com

Chair, Community Service Scott Gates '11  scottbgates@gmail.com

Chair, Young Alumni Sarah Adams '13  itssarahadams@gmail.com 

Chair, Princeton Affiliates Bing Shen '71  bingshen2005@yahoo.com

If you are interested in interviewing high school applicants please look for your ASC contact here: Interview Areas 

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